see your gifting level—and how many GWPs away you are from a reward!


(re)gifting Rookie

A newbie to the world of GWP, your present journey begins here.


GWP All-Star

You’re gifting more and building up your present power and your gift wrapping bag of tricks.

•Purchase 5 GWPs and review 1 product.

Requirements: 2

Make a new purchase 5 times

Review a Product


(re)gifting wiz

You’re a professional gifter—you could teach a master class on how to GWP!

•Purchase 20 GWPs and review 2 products.

Requirements: 2

Make a new purchase 20 times

Review 2 products


MVG (Most Valuable Gifter)

You came. You saw. You gifted. And (re)gifted.

•Purchase 50 GWPs and review 4 products.

Requirements: 2

Make a new purchase 40 times

Review 3 Products


Master of (re)gifting domination

The gifting conqueror! You are gifting royalty, offering the most beautifully wrapped presents in GWP fabric gift wrap to your subjects near and far.

•Purchase a GWP Subscription and leave 4 reviews.

Requirements: 2

Purchase a GWP Subscription

Review 4 Products