you’re in the right place for (re)usable gift totes, bottle bags, pouches, and so much more!
when you gift with GWP: gift with purpose®, you get to keep your sustainable street cred.

how to GWP

step 1


locate the unique QR code on your GWP and use your phone to scan

step 2


create a digital message for your giftee

step 3


gift the GWP to your recipient and follow the GWP as it gets (re)gifted!

the world of GWP

we created GWP to be full of purpose:
It’s reusable, regiftable, and meant to be shared.
our mission is to connect people and help the planet, one reusable gift bag at a time.

watch the video


GWP reinvents gift wrapping by making it reusable—and extending it far beyond the original recipient. meaning, we don’t fill the planet with more trash.


simply by (re)gifting GWPs, you become united with a community of gift givers collectively cutting down on gift wrapping waste at the same time.


send your first GWP and you kick off the chain of (re)gifting. then, your recipient (re)gifts the GWP, and the circle of giving continues.